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This radial browser was designed to display complex concept network structures in a snappy and intuitive manner. It can be used to visualize conceptual structures, social networks, or anything else that can be expressed in nodes and links.

CIA world factbook demo

This demo displays the relations of countries, continents, languages and oceans found in the CIA world factbook database. Click the center node for detail information or click adjacent nodes to put them in the center.
The arrows on the top left can be used to navigate your click history. Use the dropdown in the upper right to directly access nodes by name. The varying distance to the center node for nodes with many neighbors was only introduced to enhance legibility and does not have a special semantics.

Open source

You can download a preliminary Open Source version of the software here:

Relation browser source code

Note that the code is already a couple of years old, so it is programmed in Actionscript 1. But given that, it is quite solid and usually works well. The code is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike License. If your project serves a non-commercial purpose, the use of the browser or a modified version is free, if you leave the copyright note intact. Please contact me, if you intend commercial usage.

I am currently porting the (quite old) code to Actionscript 3 using the flare framework. When this process is finished, I plan to upload it to a public code repository under an Apache license.


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