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I am consulting and designing information visualizations for the World Economic Forum, best known for its annual gathering of world leaders in Davos. My tasks range from analysis and presenting survey results to calculating risk networks for interactive exploration.

Mapping global risks

Each year, the world economic forum asks hundreds of experts about their perception of future important risks. The Risk Interconnection Map visualizes the topology resulting from the experts' responses how these risks relate to and influence each other. For calculating the map, I used a custom-made physical simulation to find a beautiful and truthful layout.

In addition, both the risk network as well as statistics on perceived impact and likelihood of the discussed risks are presented step-wise in a semi-interactive narrative presentation. It can be used stand-alone, or as basis for a presentation.

Risk narrative

2012 edition

Outlook on the global agenda

This application allows to browse and search for the Global Agenda Councils, based on their interlinkage. The data is based on a survey, where Council members were asked who their council should cooperate with. On the start screen, the bubbles representing councils are scaled according to how much interest they received from other Councils. Clicking one of the bubbles will lead you to the detail screen, where you can see the exact interlinkage, and read the survey members’ commentary by hovering over the arrows.

GAC interlinkage browser

A half-explanatory, half-exploratory sequence of visualizations, summarizing the results of a survey among Global Agenda Council members about their perceptions of important trends and developments.

Outlook on the Global Agenda: Survey Results